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Successful and Efficient Co-Parenting Offers Benefits to the Entire Family

 Posted on October 18, 2016 in Child Custody

Naperville family lawyerWhen two parents share a child, how they work together before, during, and after a divorce or other child-related legal matters can have a significant impact on the entire family. For example, high conflict between the parents creates stress for both sides. It can also make the child feel as though they are caught in the middle, which may lead to a host of emotional and behavioral issues. In contrast, parents who work together and put an emphasis on successful co-parenting are more likely to reap benefits. As a result, their children are bound to experience positive effects as well.

What Does It Mean to Successfully Co-Parent?

Because each family is unique, successful co-parenting may likely look different from one to the next. However, they are going to have a lot of things in common. They have clear boundaries that clarify what each parent is responsible for, but they are also willing to be flexible when circumstances change. They discuss changes in a way that works for them – be it over the phone, through email, or in person – and they do so respectfully. Further, they do not attempt to manipulate one another, or their child, for their own personal gain. Instead, they recognize the other parent’s importance in their child’s life.

This does not mean you are always going to get along, or that it will not take time to reach this place in your co-parenting relationship. Rather, parents usually experience quite the opposite. It takes time and patience, both with yourself, and one another, to find the balance and communication tactics that will work for you and your family.

How Successful Co-Parenting Benefits the Family

Parents who are able to work toward their ultimate goal of a healthy and supportive co-parenting relationship between one another often find that they have lower overall child care costs because they typically default to asking one another before calling a sitter. They are also more likely to feel the same stresses that some single parents might face. There is also less of a chance of the parents feeling a sense of unease every time they pick up or drop their child off because they are less likely to worry if there will be negative actions against them in their absence.

Children reap numerous benefits as well. Many learn the value of peaceable conflict resolution, just by watching how their parents interact. Further, they are less likely to feel stressed, depressed, or anxious over when they will see or spend time with their other parent. Familial bonds outside of their parents may also be preserved, which offers the child even more support and love.

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