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Naperville Divorce Lawyer

In creating a divorce agreement, all parental decisions are based upon the parenting plan established through negotiation, mediation, or by a judge. A parenting plan is a document which determines the specifics of parental responsibility. Regardless of its origination, once a divorce decree is approved, its provisions become legally enforceable. 

This legal document protects your parenting rights in the present and in the future, should your ex-spouse choose not to cooperate at any point. Additionally, the plan establishes distinct guidelines to prevent disputes. When in doubt, you are always able to refer to the plan.


Naperville family law attorneyGetting married, at least in Illinois, requires more than simply a wish to be together. It requires compliance with all the relevant laws, which includes being of legal age and having no impediment that might prevent a valid marriage from going forward. It does happen, though, that many are unaware of some part of the law or are not aware that some characteristic of the bride or groom actually prevents the marriage from being solemnized. Marriages can either be declared void from the beginning, or they can be voided by a court due to alleged wrongdoing.

Void Marriages

In order to marry, a couple must be able to provide proof that they (1) are either of legal age or have their parents’ consent to marry; and (2) know of no legal impediment to the marriage, such as the bride and groom being related within forbidden degrees. A void marriage occurs when one or both of these conditions are not fulfilled Examples might include one spouse being married already to another or the spouses turning out to be cousins. It is also possible to have a marriage declared void (rather than voidable) if one of the spouses is a minor who does not have their parents’ consent to wed.

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