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Orders of Protection for Domestic Violence in DuPage County

 Posted on September 23, 2022 in Domestic Violence

dupage county protective order lawyerDomestic violence comes in many forms and wreaks havoc on families and society as a whole. Indiscriminate and affecting individuals of all races and socioeconomic backgrounds, those afflicted by domestic violence can suffer life-lasting repercussions, like post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, or depression. In the United States, a woman is abused every nine seconds. One in three women and one in seven men have suffered from domestic violence. Consequent to shame and fear, occurrences of domestic violence are undoubtedly underreported; therefore, the real statics may be much higher.

Domestic violence usually entails unequal power dynamics where one attempts to control the other through various methods. Far too often, survivors blame themselves rather than the abusing offender. A family law attorney can help issue an order of protection, which can help secure the safety and wellbeing of the abused.

Illinois Domestic Violence Orders of Protection

An order of protection is designed to safeguard an individual from both the threat and act of domestic violence. Issued by a judge, the statutory order restrains the abuser from verbally, digitally, and physically contacting the victim. Failing to comply with the order of protection can beget criminal charges. The three types of protection orders are distinguished by the length of time the order is in effect.

  • Emergency orders of protection (EOP) – Lasting up to 21 days, EOPs are issued when the petitioner feels an urgent need for protection. Once the judge approves it, an EOP goes into effect. A hearing date for a plenary order is then scheduled.
  • Plenary orders of protection – Lasting up to two years, a judge issues the order after both the petitioner and respondent testify in a hearing. When the respondent defaults on the hearing, the plenary order of protection is instantly authorized.
  • Interim order of protection – Lasting up to 30 days, this order is issued as an interlude during the time between the emergency order and the plenary order. An interim order of protection is authorized whenever the plenary order of protection hearing is delayed.

Types of Domestic Violence 

  • Physical Abuse – Slapping, shoving, punching, strangling, suffocating, or any method of physically assaulting the victim falls in this category.
  • Verbal Abuse – In an attempt to humiliate and impair the victim’s self-worth, culprits will scream, taunt, threaten, or belittle the victim, sometimes in front of family, friends, or the public.
  • Emotional Abuse – This type of abuse entails the offender threatening to hurt the victim’s loved ones.
  • Controlling Behavior – Offenders are jealous and manipulative and may control the victim’s social and work life, how the victim dresses, and what the victim eats. 
  • Economic Abuse – If the abuser is the breadwinner or controls the household finances, they may hide money or deny the victim basic needs, such as food, clothing, or medical care. 
  • Sexual Abuse – Any sexual assault, including marital rape and child sexual abuse, is classified as domestic sexual abuse. Accusations of any type of domestic violence can negatively impact the alleged abusers parenting plan

Contact a DuPage County Domestic Violence Attorney 

At Pesce Law Group, P.C., our concerned and dependable family law attorneys understand the urgency and seriousness of domestic violence. If you are in an abusive relationship, call the authorities and move to a secure place immediately. Our family law attorneys can help you obtain an order of protection. If unjust accusations of committing domestic violence impacted your custody order, we can help strategize for an agreeable solution. For a free consultation, contact a Burr Ridge family law attorney at 630-352-2240.


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