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How Can Mediation Help Divorcing Couples Reach an Agreement on an Illinois Parenting Plan?

Posted on in Mediation and Collaborative Law

Naperville divorce mediation attorneysParents who are getting divorced in Illinois are asked to create a “parenting plan” or parenting agreement which describes the way they plan to share parenting time and responsibilities. There are over a dozen issues which must be addressed in the plan, including when the child will live with each parent, how the child will be transported between homes, how future modifications to the plan will be handled, and more. Family law mediation may be particularly beneficial to divorcing couples with child-related disputes. If you and your spouse are planning to divorce, mediation may enable you to design a parenting plan that benefits you as well as your children.  

Mediation Allows Both Parents to Express Ideas and Concerns

There are only two ways that Illinois parenting plans are created: through an agreement between the parents or through the court. Child custody litigation can be stressful, expensive, and can lead parents to be even more resentful of each other. Furthermore, when the court makes a decision about parental responsibilities and parenting time on the parents’ behalf, the parents have much less direct input. Through mediation, you and your spouse will have the opportunity to express your wishes, ideas, and concerns. The mediator is unbiased and will make sure that each spouse has the opportunity to express his or her opinions.

An Experienced Mediator Will Keep Discussions Focused and Productive

Ineffective communication is often one of the largest sources of conflict in a marriage – or a divorce. If you are like many divorcing couples, you probably struggle to discuss divorce issues like child custody or property division without getting off topic or becoming upset. A family law mediator is specially trained in conflict resolution and negotiation. He or she will guide the conversation and help discussions remain focused, on-topic, and productive.

Mediation Reduces the Likelihood of Conflict in the Future

One of the greatest benefits of family law mediation for divorcing parents is that it sets the stage for a respectful, cooperative post-divorce co-parenting relationship. Because parents reach their own agreement about parenting issues, they are often more likely to follow through with the plan than if they were subject to a parenting plan handed down by the courts. Through mediation, you and your spouse will also have the opportunity to discuss issues that might come up in the future such as parental relocations, holiday parenting schedules, or modifications to the parenting plan. By reaching an agreement about these concerns during mediation, you reduce the chances of these issues causing conflict later on.

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