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Eight Behaviors That Can Lead to Divorce

 Posted on June 09, 2016 in Divorce

Naperville family law attorneyDivorces happen for a variety of reasons. In some cases, a divorce request comes as a surprise for one spouse. In others, there are multiple signs that indicate that a divorce is looming, and finally separating comes as no surprise. A new survey of thousands of divorce couples show that there are a few common signs that may forecast a divorce. From affairs to lying to drug and alcohol addiction, here are eight behaviors that often point to a couple’s divorce in the future.

Continuous Lying

A healthy marriage revolves around trust, and any amount of lying can quickly put a marriage in jeopardy. Lying about anything, no matter how large or small, will lead to your partner questioning if they can trust you. Being secretive is also an indicator of a looming divorce. Chances are that if a spouse is engaging in secretive behaviors, they are doing so knowing that what they are doing is wrong.

Heavy Drug or Alcohol Use

Heavy drinking or drug use can take a toll on a marriage. Serious drug use and excessive drinking can lead to loss of employment, abusive behaviors, financial problems, and other negatives that can put a strain on a marriage. If rehabilitation programs and other help does not work, the sober partner may find they cannot tolerate their spouse’s behaviors anymore.


Showing significant attention to another person can lead to jealousy from your partner. Of course, both spouses need to have connections outside of their marriage, but flirting often indicates you are interested in more than just friendship.

Extramarital Affairs

Having an extramarital affair is problematic for a number of reasons. They can indicate that a spouse has fallen out of love, that they feel unappreciated, or that they are not getting enough excitement from their marriage. Affairs can also dissolve trust and lead to conflict.

Inappropriate Friendships With the Opposite Sex

Believe it or not, a large number of divorced couples say that a spouse’s close friendship with a person of the opposite sex caused conflict within their marriage. Having friendships is a necessary part of life, but friendships with the opposite sex that become too close and lead to jealous feelings from your partner, and platonic relationships can quickly change to something more dangerous.


Being defensive with your partner is a surefire path to marital strife. Defensiveness leads to lack of communication between partners, a vital part of any healthy marriage, and no problems get resolved. It also sends a message to your spouse that you take no blame for any problem and would rather defend yourself than place the needs of your marriage over your own.

Sexual Incompatibility

Intimacy is key to a successful relationship, but when partners have differing sexual needs or desires, problems tend to occur. If one spouse’s needs are not being met, they are likely to pursue them outside of the marriage.

Abusive Behaviors

Abusive behaviors include criticism, manipulation, threatening, bullying, and violence. These behaviors should not be ignored, and may mean one spouse is in danger. Abusive behaviors can lead to anxiety and depression. Abuse is a major red flag that a divorce may lie ahead.

An Experienced Divorce Attorney Can Help

If you believe any of these behaviors are present in your marriage, and feel a divorce is on the way, the first step you should take is consulting with an experienced DuPage county divorce attorney. At Pesce Law Group, P.C., we understand that divorce can a complicated and emotionally draining process, and we will do everything we can to ensure the smoothest possible divorce for our clients. Call 630-352-2240 today to schedule a free consultation with us to learn more about the many divorce services we offer.


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