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Naperville family law attorneySometimes, a crisis in a marriage can be averted. It is not unheard of for a couple that has decided to divorce to discuss their issues and come to a collective decision to try again. While this most often happens while the divorce is still in process, it does happen—in extremely rare circumstances—that some couples remarry after divorce. While there are little to no statistics available on how often this succeeds, it is still something to be aware of, as things cannot simply go back to the way they were.

Before Divorce Is Final

If you and your spouse determine that you intend to give your marriage another try while your divorce is still pending, there are very few legal options you need to exercise. Divorce proceedings are, essentially, prolonged negotiations - nothing is set in stone until the final decree is signed by a judge. While filing fees and attorneys’ costs may be non-refundable, bulk of the work to be done if you reconcile before your divorce is final will primarily be emotional.


Posted on in Divorce

DuPage County family law attorneyThe old expression “once bitten, twice shy” is often used to describe a person’s hesitance to try something again after being hurt by that thing previously. The maxim accurately sums up how many people feel after going through a divorce. Couples may enter a first marriage without considering how life’s realities can affect a relationship. Finances, children, in-laws, and jobs are all factors that can overshadow the romantic side of marriage.

People who go through a divorce, however, tend to have a much more realistic view of what a second marriage may hold. This is especially true for those who have gone through a messy divorce—one which may have involved drawn-out battles over marital assets and other finances. Therefore, when you are considering remarriage, there are a number of questions that you should discuss with your partner. Starting out on the same page can go a long way in avoiding another trip to divorce court.

Separate or Joint Finances


Posted on in Visitation

blended families, parenting time, Naperville family law attorneyBlended families, where there is a mix of children from previous relationships as well as children from the current relationship, are increasingly common. While blended families can help instill a sense of stability in children, they can also take a lot of work. One common issue is the existence of multiple parenting time schedules for different children. Trying to sync schedules with everyone can be a nightmare.

Stay Flexible

The first principle in trying to get all of the children on a workable schedule is to remain flexible. You will often have to ask another parent to make a special accommodation for you. When asking for a favor, the more flexible you can be on the timing, the more likely you are to get what you want. If you are flexible when you are asked by the other parent for a schedule change, the more likely he or she will be to accommodate your requests.

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