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Naperville family law attorneysFor many years, prenuptial agreements were largely considered to be necessary only for the super-rich. Today, however, more and more couples are considering using agreements like these. In fact, according to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, more than half of family lawyers who responded said that they had seen an increase in requests for prenuptial agreements from the generation known as “millennials” (roughly aged 18-34).

There are a number of reasons why millennials might see fit to use prenuptial agreements, including the fact that they are getting married for the first time at a higher average age compared to previous generations. This means that they generally have more time to accumulate assets, debts, and other obligations before getting married.

If you are soon to be married and you are considering a prenuptial agreement, there are five good reasons why such an agreement might be a good option:


DuPage County family law attorneyMany couples feel like premarital or prenuptial agreements take the romance out of what should be one of the most romantic times in their lives: getting married. However, prenuptial agreements (“prenups” for short) can make a huge difference if you wind up getting a divorce; they can cut down on arguments and misconceptions, and with the help of a good attorney, may save you months of legal wrangling and bad blood.

The Basics

Prenuptial agreements are used in many cultures throughout the world. For example, there are such things as Jewish prenuptial agreements, which safeguard a Jewish woman from being rendered unable to remarry. Each prenuptial agreement is based in mutual trust, but there are varying formats in which these agreements are created.

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