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Naperville mediation lawyersWhen two people decide to get a divorce, the process is likely to be stressful and difficult. However, more and more couples are turning to mediation as a way to potentially avoid costly court battles. It is not the right option for every couple, but it is generally worth investigating to see if it might be right for you and your spouse.

Benefits of Mediation

Divorce mediation is a process in which you and your spouse engage the services of a neutral, third-party mediator in an attempt to work out a divorce agreement without resorting to litigation. It has several advantages, but may also have drawbacks depending on the situation. Anything from parental responsibilities (child custody) to spousal support may be mediated if the spouses agree. Illinois law does not mandate certain elements of a divorce to be decided by a judge, but a judge will review any agreements related to your children to ensure you have their best interests in mind.


Naperville family law attorneyOnce you and your spouse agree to a mediated divorce, the next step is finding the right mediator to handle your case. Choosing a great mediator is important. This is the person you will be working through very personal, complex matters with. You will discuss financial and legal issues, communicate your feelings and thoughts, plan for the future of any children you may have, and more, all while a mediator helps guide you through the process. You need a mediator you can trust, who has experience, and one you can rely on to help you and your spouse make sound decisions. When searching for the right mediator, here are four tips to keep in mind:


Any mediator you choose to work with should be highly qualified. This means they should have significant education in mediation and dispute resolution, and have continued training and learning throughout their career. Ask any potential candidates how much education they have received. Do they have an advanced degree in conflict resolution? Or any certifications? A legal background is also beneficial, as the mediator you choose with also be providing you and your spouse with legal information throughout the process. If you get any sense that a mediator in question is not educated enough to properly handle your mediation, look elsewhere. You need to have full faith that your mediator knows how to properly handle your case.


Naperville divorce attorneyDivorce is almost always a complex process, but not every couple wishes to spend their days feuding. Some simply know that divorce is the right step to make and, in order to preserve the memory of their marriage, or to give one another the chance to start anew, they desire a way to complete the process as quickly and as amicably as possible. For these couples, divorce mediation may be a viable option. But is it really right for your divorce? The following points may help you decide.

Why Choose Mediation?

Before determining if mediation is right for your divorce, it is first important to understand what mediation is, and what it is not. Often less expensive and time-intensive than traditional divorce, mediation allows couples to dissolve their marriage in a more peaceable manner. You do not lose your voice, or your decision-making power in this process. In fact, if anything, mediation usually encourages quite the opposite. You and your soon-to-be ex-spouse must be willing to communicate in an effective manner, one that allows you to make equitable divorce decisions. Mediators, who remain an impartial party in the process, can help you consider and understand the factors in your divorce, as well as how the decisions you make may affect your family's life in the future. However, it is up to you and your ex to make the final call in your divorce.

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