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Naperville Divorce Attorney

While some couples agree their marriage should end and amicably go their separate ways, not every spouse agrees their relationship is over when confronted with a divorce filing. For some, the idea of divorce is against their religious or moral beliefs. Others are struck completely unaware or oblivious that anything was wrong, and the divorce papers take them completely by surprise. For people in that category, many are unwilling to end the marriage without a fight.

If divorce papers arrive, do you have to sign them? What happens if you refuse?


high asset, high net worth, Naperville Divorce AttorneyDivorce is difficult for couples at any point in life, but when considerable wealth is involved, the process becomes much more complicated. If substantial assets need to be divided, each party wants to guarantee his or her fair share. This is true whether one spouse holds most of the assets or if both spouses worked hard to accumulate this wealth over time. High net worth divorce cases can also be more complicated due to the tax implications resulting from a potential settlement.

High-Asset Divorce Criteria

The main standard for determining “high-asset divorce” is that the couple or client have over $5 million in assets. However, this is not the only determining factor. A divorce is also considered high-asset if one or both parties additionally own a business, are listed as an heir to an inheritance, or purchased (and still own) significant amounts of property before the marriage.

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