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Naperville Divorce Attorney

While some couples agree their marriage should end and amicably go their separate ways, not every spouse agrees their relationship is over when confronted with a divorce filing. For some, the idea of divorce is against their religious or moral beliefs. Others are struck completely unaware or oblivious that anything was wrong, and the divorce papers take them completely by surprise. For people in that category, many are unwilling to end the marriage without a fight.

If divorce papers arrive, do you have to sign them? What happens if you refuse?


divorce, children, Naperville divorce attorneyOne of the biggest concerns couples face when deciding to divorce or not is their children. No loving parent wants to break up their family, and most parents considering divorce worry about the potential negative impacts divorce can have on their children. Will divorce ruin my children’s lives? Will they ever know what love is? Will they be okay splitting time between two homes? In response to these fears, parents in unhappy marriages often choose to stay together for the sake of their children. The reality, however, is that an unhappy home is more damaging for your children than the brief pain of divorce followed by happiness. Divorce, in many cases, is the best choice for your children.

Modeling an Unhappy Relationship

While breaking the news of divorce to children is never easy, and many families struggle through the divorce process and lifestyle change afterwards, choosing to stay together for your children’s sake can be vastly more damaging. If you and your spouse stay married, but fill your home with conflict, that is the picture of marriage you are imprinting on your children. As children grow up, they learn how to model their own relationships based on the relationships they see around them. Children learn what love means by how they are treated, and how they see others in love treat each other. Do you want to model a healthy, loving relationship to your children, or one filled with negativity and conflict? Staying together may keep your family together, but if your marriage is unhealthy, you are teaching your children to accept the same in their lives.

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