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Should I Get a Divorce?

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reasons for divorce, considering divorce, Naperville divorce lawyerDivorce is a life-altering decision, and one that should not be taken lightly. Everyone deserves happiness, but at what point is your relationship past saving, and your best action to separate and move on? While no one, aside from yourself, can determine if your marriage is over, there are a few items to consider when deciding whether or not to end your relationship. One prominent US doctor, health counselor, and life coach recently shared a few important reasons your marriage may be salvageable, and a few others that indicate divorce is likely your best option.

Reasons to Work on Your Relationship

Health Concerns: Any life changing event can have health implications, and divorce is no different. The stress and emotional whirlwind you will likely face during your divorce could be damaging to your health, especially if you are battling an illness. If you, your spouse, or any family member is facing a life-threatening illness, consider waiting and working on your relationship. If divorce is inevitable, consider choosing a time when everyone is in good health.

You Have a Family: For many parents, divorce is the right choice. Children fare far better with separated parents than they do with parents who remain together but are in constant conflict. If, however, you believe you and your spouse could correct what is damaging your relationship, and could set an example for your children of what a positive, healthy relationship looks like, consider working together. Perhaps counseling or therapy can help both you and your spouse move past your issues and be stronger, happier, and better parents.

Financial Concerns: If money is already a concern for your family, divorce may not be the best course of action. Small lifestyle changes should be expected after divorce, but many couples, parents especially, find that splitting their household is simply not financially feasible. For this reason, many couples separate, but remain married and often living together to maintain their lifestyles. Others choose to work out their marital problems and remain together. Remember that if children are involved, every decision you make needs to be in their best interest as well, so separating but leaving your children in poverty may not be the right choice.

Reasons to Consider Divorce

Violence of Any Kind: No one deserves to live in fear, and if violence is an aspect of your relationship, it is likely time to end it. Whether it is emotional abuse or physical violence, domestic abuse of any kind is a major red flag that things need to change. Unfortunately, leaving an abusive situation is not often easy, but there are legal protections in place for victims. If your spouse is a danger to you or your children, consider separating.

Addiction: Addiction is another major indicator that separation may be in your best interest. Those struggling with addiction should be provided help, but, all too often, support is refused. After a reasonable period of offering support, if your spouse is still unwilling to seek treatment, it is likely time to move on. Addiction can take an emotional, physical, and financial toll on you and your family, and nothing healthy will come from you staying with someone unwilling to get help.

Your Spouse Mistreats Your Children: Your children rely on you to protect them. If your spouse in any way mistreats your children, it is your job to keep them safe. In these unfortunate situations, divorce is often necessary.

Infidelity: For some, a cheating husband or wife may not be the end of the relationship. Some people are able to move past these instances, but others are not as quick to forgive. Ask yourself, “Can I ever forgive this person? Can I ever trust this person?” If the answer is no, and you feel your relationships is past saving, divorce may be the right choice.

A Divorce Attorney Can Help

Meeting with a divorce attorney does not mean you must get a divorce. If you know you are unhappy in your marriage, a qualified DuPage county divorce attorney can help you determine your next course of action. At Pesce Law Group, P.C., we offer a wide variety of divorce solutions to fit any divorce related case. Let us help you explore your options. We offer free consultations and are reachable at 630-352-2240 as soon as you need us.


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