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Preparing for a Child Custody Evaluation in Illinois

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child custody, custody evaluation, Illinois family law attorneyDivorce can be an incredibly stressful experience for both the parties and their children. Deciding the best option when establishing an arrangement for child custody can be an especially delicate process that many find difficult. During the course of a divorce, the court may require an impartial third party to evaluate the situation in order to decide the best child custody arrangement for any children. This process usually involves several meetings between the evaluator, both parties and the children in order to determine what type of living situation would best suit the children’s needs.

Working with a Court-Appointed Evaluator

Working with the court-appointed evaluator can be nerve-wracking, but it is important to remember that cooperating with the evaluator will go a long way in helping produce the best possible outcome in a child custody case. Always be on time for your appointments when meeting with an evaluator to demonstrate that you take the process seriously and respect his or her time. Be friendly with the evaluator, but remain professional. Remember also that he or she is also there to help you address any concerns you may have around your child’s custody, and may be able to answer any questions.

How to Maintain Composure

Remain focused on the task at hand and answer all the evaluator’s questions completely and accurately. Do not bring up any problems you have with your spouse, or intentionally make your spouse appear to be a poor parent to the evaluator. Do not try to push your child into presenting you as the better caretaker as it is not fair to your child or your spouse. Be honest when giving your answers as the evaluator may double-check any information that you give in order to verify accuracy. If you are aware of some shortcomings you may have as a parent, be honest when speaking with the evaluator about them, and be ready to admit where you could use some work.

Child custody evaluations can be understandably stressful given the importance of spending time with your child, and making sure that your child’s needs are being met in terms of their access to both their parents. Speaking with your lawyer beforehand can help you better understand what to expect in your particular circumstances and help you better prepare for interacting with the court’s evaluator. For more information about this or any family law topic please contact a Naperville child custody attorney today at 630-352-2240. At the Pesce Law Group, P.C. we work hard for Illinois families everyday and we look forward to speaking with you.

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