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Divorce Mediation Myths Dispelled

Posted on in Mediation and Collaborative Law

Naperville divorce lawyerMany divorcing couples choose mediation over a typical litigated divorce. It is a beneficial alternative for many reasons - mediation allows both parties more control over their divorce, it protects couples’ privacy, and it can be a faster and more cost-effective divorce method when compared to litigated divorce. Mediation, while growing in popularity, is often misunderstood. Many couples shy away from choosing mediation because of the many myths and misconceptions surrounding the process. Mediation is truly a worthwhile option to consider despite the misunderstandings of how it works.

My Spouse and I Fight Too Much for Mediation to Work

Each divorce is unique, and mediation is certainly not an option for everybody. Cases involving domestic abuse, or hidden assets, for example, are not ideal for mediation. That said, most divorces can be handled completely by mediation. Many couples believe that they fight too much to pursue mediation, but this simply is not true. A mediator’s job is to keep both parties productive and on topic. Divorce mediators have experience working with conflicted parties, and they know how to get results. There is no risk in trying mediation either. If arguing keeps the two parties from discussing their divorce, they can always pursue a more traditional route.

High Asset Cases Are Not for Mediation

In fact, many high net worth couples would actually benefit from pursuing divorce mediation. Mediation gives both parties more control over how their assets are separated, and a couple willing to work together will find mediation works just as well as a litigated divorce, if not better.

Mediators Are Biased

Many people fear that the mediator they work with will be biased against them or in favor of their spouse. This is not true. Keep in mind that mediators are specially trained to do their jobs. They understand the ultimate goal is to help couples separate amicably, and they will not give any preference to one spouse over the other. Additionally, mediators ultimately have no say over the divorce agreement. It up to both parties to make every decision.

Mediators Will Want to Save My Marriage

Remember - a mediator is not a couple’s therapist. Divorce mediators understand their role and will not pressure couples into staying together. Instead, their goal is to help a couple figure out what is best for their unique situation.

Divorce Support

Divorce can be tricky, no matter which method you choose. If you are considering divorce, you need the help of a qualified DuPage County divorce attorney. Contact Pesce Law Group, P.C., to schedule a free consultation with a knowledgeable attorney today. Call 630-352-2240 to get started.


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