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Custody Disputes Caused by Contrasting Parenting Styles 

 Posted on June 10, 2022 in Child Custody

dupage county child custody lawyerHarboring a different set of values is sometimes the primary cause of divorce. With those different sets of values, parenting styles are likely to conflict. One parent may be more of the disciplinarian while the other may be more indulgent. Issues not addressed in the parenting plan, such as the child’s cell phone or social media use, could result in further discord between the parents. Situations like these could sometimes escalate to litigation for a modification to the parenting plan. 

Consistent and harmonious co-parenting help create a home life that is in the child's best interest; however, achieving that ideal is sometimes complex. A child custody attorney could offer alternative dispute resolution, like mediation, to assist in finding agreeable solutions.  

Contrasting Parenting Opinions That Can Cause Issues

Parents who disagree about child-related issues may find themselves in legal disputes. Parents may disagree on:

  • Wake-up time and bedtime – One parent may refute the child’s sleeping regimen during the other parent’s overnight parenting.

  • Diet – A parent may insist the child adheres to a specific diet, such as a vegan or sugar-free diet plan, while the other rejects dietary restrictions.

  • Vaccinations – Parents may have contradictory views on immunizations, like the HPV or COVID-19 vaccinations.

  • Cellphone and text messaging – One parent may prohibit or regulate cellphone use while the other allows unrestricted usage.

  • Social media – A child or teen’s behavior on social media platforms could also incite arguments between disputing parents.

  • Academics – One parent may be more strict and demanding of the child’s academic achievements, while the other may be more lenient.

  • Curfew – Rules during overnight parenting time may cause friction between disputing parents and frustration with their teens.

  • Driving – Parents may disagree on rules regarding their teen driving and driving with friends.

  • Extracurricular activities – Parents may have differing views on the demanding schedule and competitive nature of the child’s sports and hobbies.

  • Films and shows – While forbidden at one home, the parent at the other may allow the child to stream explicitly graphic and gratuitous series or movies.

Five Benefits of Mediation 

Parents may be able to use family law mediation to find compromises and solutions in custody disputes. Mediation has many benefits, including:

  • Confidential – The entire dispute resolution process is concealed from public records. 

  • Collaborative effort - Unlike litigation, where the judge makes the final decision, mediation enables the parents to compromise and settle their disputes. The parents forge their own solutions and tailor them to their child’s needs. 

  • Economical – Hiring a mediator is more cost-effective than withstanding litigation, where legal fees could mount through lawyers, expert witnesses, and court time. It is prudent to hire a mediator who is also a lawyer familiar with state divorce laws.  

  • Timely - Mediation could conclude in a few weeks, whereas litigation could last several months.   

  • Neutrality – The mediator and venue of mediation are neutral. Resolving sensitive matters in a private and flexible environment helps facilitate communication. 

A divorce lawyer can assist with a post-decree modification to the parenting plan.  

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