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Six More Common Mistakes Occurring in Illinois Child Custody Cases

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Illinois divorce attorney, Illinois family lawyer, Illinois child custody attorney,A recent blog post discussed five common mistakes former spouses and parents may make as they move through the divorce and child custody plan processes. Since obtaining custody is a battle fraught with emotion and tension, mistakes are easy to make, and it is important for parents to understand how best to avoid them. Parents seeking custody of their child(ren) should always be looking out for the best interest of their child(ren) and should avoid the following scenarios during the child custody negotiation process.

Mistake Six: Using Your Children to Spy on Your Spouse

Parents should not coerce or encourage their child(ren) to gather information about their spouse or the happenings in their spouse’s household. This tactic is frowned upon, and if it becomes knows by the judge, the court, or the opposing attorney, the parent engaged in spying can have most or all of their custody privileges denied.

Mistake Seven: Speaking Negatively about Your Former Spouse

Even though a divorce is pending, the judge and the court will usually want both parents to take an active role in the lives of the child(ren). This results in co-parenting. Parents should always watch their tongues when the child(ren) are present. Insults, negative comments, or disagreements are things that no child(ren) should have to overhear.

Mistake Eight: Being Unprepared for Court Sessions

Until the court comes to a final verdict on child custody, parents may be involved in temporary custody situations. Multiple court hearings may ensue in which the judge will want answers as to how each parent will actively be involved with their child(ren). Parents should prepare to answer common questions such as: “Will the parent seeking custody be able to accommodate the child(ren)'s schedule?” “Does the parent have plans for transportation as well as a plan for emergency situations?” and “How far does the parent live from daycare facilities?”

Mistake Nine: Not Documenting Important Information

Many aspects of a parent’s life are scrutinized during a custody hearing. Prepared parents should record all information pertaining to their custody hearing as well as interactions with the child(ren). Another thing to record is co-parent obligations and interaction with the child(ren). This information can be used in court at a later date to support personal testimony.

Mistake Ten: Being Belligerent or Uncooperative

Parents must cooperate and comply with all court orders or face penalties such as fines or jail time.

Mistake Eleven: Neglecting to Hire Qualified Legal Counsel

Divorce is often an emotional process, especially when children are involved. Parents who are seeking new or revised child custody agreements should always consult with a skilled Naperville family law attorney to understand all of their options and obligations. Contact Pesce Law Group, P.C. to schedule a complimentary consultation. There is no time to waste when your children are involved, call 630-352-2240 today.

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