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What to Expect From Your Initial Consultation With a Divorce Attorney

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attorney, choosing a lawyer, Naperville divorce attorneyChoosing to consult a divorce attorney can be a difficult decision. Many people hesitate to seek help, as they may feel their marital problems are unsolvable, or that they failed at their relationship. In reality, an initial consultation with an attorney is just that - a chance to learn more about your options without being committed to anything. Simply meeting with an attorney does not mean you are locked into a divorce, but an experienced attorney will be able to present to you your future options should you choose to proceed.

People often wonder what their first meeting will be like, and for many individuals, a consultation with a divorce lawyer may be the first experience they have with an attorney of any kind. While you should not feel nervous or uncomfortable, you should come prepared to be honest and inquisitive. Prior to your first consultation with an attorney, consider these steps for preparing yourself.

Gather Important Documents

While you may not be required to bring anything to an initial consultation, it can be helpful to bring documents like tax returns, bank statements, paystubs, and other items that can help a potential attorney evaluate your situation. If you have other things you believe would be relevant and valuable for a potential attorney to see, bring those too.

Be Honest

During your initial consultation, an experienced attorney should inform you of what to expect throughout your case. They should cover important topics like the divorce process itself, division of your assets, matters related to your children, and the costs and fees of hiring them to handle your case. To create a realistic plan for your divorce, you must be open and honest with the attorney during your consultation. Their plan is only as good as the information you share with them. Keep in mind that anything you say is strictly confidential, so do not leave any relevant details out. An attorney’s ability to help you truly depends on your willingness to share.

Ask Questions

Your initial consultation with an attorney is also your chance to learn as much as possible about them, their past experience, and how they will handle your case. Do not shy away from asking questions. If you have specific divorce concerns, like future child custody or how your assets will be divided, be sure to share those.

Take Notes

Divorce and the legal system is complicated, and it can be easy to forget valuable information that an attorney may provide during an initial consultation. For this reason, bring a notebook with you and take notes throughout your meeting. This will allow you to review all of the information at a later time, when you are deciding on which attorney to hire.

Evaluate Your Options

After your consultation, only you can decide what to do moving forward. If you are still leaning towards divorce, review your options. Some people select the first attorney they consult with, while others meet with a few and pick their favorite. Think back on your consultations, and choose the attorney that made you feel the most comfortable about your situation. Did the attorney answer your questions? Do you feel your needs will be met? The relationship between you and your future attorney will impact your case, so it is important you choose someone you trust and feel is well suited to handle your case.

If you are in Naperville or a surrounding area, the experienced divorce attorneys at Pesce Law Group, P.C., are here to help. We understand that divorce can be emotionally and financially draining, and we aim to provide our clients with as smooth a process as possible. Call 630-352-2240 to schedule your free consultation with a Naperville divorce attorney today to review your options.


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