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Three Tips for Helping Children Deal with Divorce

 Posted on August 14, 2019 in Divorce

DuPage County divorce attorneysThe decision to end your marriage is never an easy one, but perhaps no other group has as difficult of a decision to make as parents. Many parents try everything they can to stay together, but ultimately decide that they simply cannot make their marriage work. If you are a parent who has decided to divorce, you probably spend a lot of time worrying about how the divorce will affect your children. While it is likely that the transition will be challenging for the whole family, children are fully capable of living a happy, healthy life with divorced parents. Read on to learn the top three tips experts say will help your children cope with your divorce.

Tip #1: Do Not Fight in Front of the Kids

The number one thing that mental health and child development experts say not to do during divorce is to fight with your spouse in front of the children. Because children naturally have a self-centered view of the world around them, they often think that parental arguments are somehow their fault. It is best to keep adult conversations away from the children whenever possible. If you need to have a heated discussion with your spouse, try to find a place which is out of kids’ earshot to do so.

Tip #2: Allow Children to Express Their Feelings When They Are Able

Children can have a wide range of reactions to the news that their parents are getting divorced. While some will immediately start crying and expressing their sadness about the split, others will not immediately be ready to discuss their feelings. Try to give children the space they need to process the complicated emotions that come with this major life change. Let them know that you are available to talk and answer questions, but do not force the conversation. When children are ready to talk, they will, as long as they feel safe to express themselves.

Tip #3: Keep Schedules and Rules the Same

Experts say that children thrive in consistency. If possible, it is best to keep your daily schedule the same after you announce the news of the divorce with your children. Introducing too many changes at once can be overwhelming – especially when combined with the major family changes which are occurring. Furthermore, resist the temptation to let the house rules slide during divorce. Although you may feel like you are doing a favor to the kids by letting them break the rules, experts say keeping rules consistent is much better for children’s mental health.

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