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b2ap3_thumbnail_child-custody-schedule-illinois.jpgFinding the perfect child custody schedule for your children can be difficult. With the school year just beginning, many split custody families are testing out their school year custody schedule, one that can be very different from a summer vacation schedule. The best custody arrangement is one that allows your children to feel loved and supported, provides a stable environment, and allows access to quality time spent with both parents. Here are some key things to remember when arranging your child custody schedule with your child's other parent.

Be Realistic

When initially vying for child custody, it’s common for anger and other emotions to cloud your judgment. Try to avoid using your children’s custody schedule as a way to attack your soon to be ex. Do not let your child custody plan be based on your own insecurities or in an attempt to hurt your spouse. Many parents, whose judgments are clouded by emotions, overextend themselves and demand full custody or close to it, when, really, they are unable to actually care well for their children. Consider your own schedule, living arrangements, and other commitments before asking for a large amount of scheduled time with your children. Hopefully you have an attorney by your side during the initial custody arrangement process, so he or she can help steer you in the right direction if necessary.


supervised visitation in Illinois, Naperville child custody attorneysFor parents who need a safe environment for the child to spend time with their other parent, or in cases where a child’s safety with a parent may be at risk, the Illinois family court system may require supervised child visitation. Supervised visitation is time spent between a parent and their child that is monitored by a third-party. This party’s presence is meant to ensure that appropriate behavior, in a safe environment, can occur between a parent and their child.

Supervised visitation offers both the child and the parent an opportunity to get to know one another if the parent has not been in their child’s life previously. It can also give both a chance to build a healthier relationship if they had a less than favorable one before.

Supervisors to Monitor Parent and Child Visitation

A supervisor may be required to be present for the entire visit or interaction between the supervised parent and their child. There are some situations in which a supervisor is only required to be present for the period of time when the child is being transferred from one parent to the other.

child custody mistakes, Illinois child custody lawyerIn the event of a divorce, determining custody of the couple’s child(ren) can be the most emotional part of the process. Gaining custody tends to be the primary focus for each parent, above all other allocations. With the amount of pressure placed on custody hearings, divorcing couples often make mistakes that can negatively impact the court’s determination regarding the child custody plan.

The most important thing to remember during custody negotiations is the priority of the child’s well-being. In order to determine a favorable outcome, parents should be aware of five mistakes that can have a significant impact on the outcome of the proceedings.

Mistake One: The couple’s hostility toward each other is more apparent than their love for their children.

The court will come to a decision based on their determination on what will be best for the child(ren). Divorcing parents should never let negative feelings toward their spouse be made known to their child(ren). Parents should refrain from speaking negatively about the child(ren)’s father or mother if the child(ren) could overhear, and should also avoid posting negative comments on social media or other public platforms.

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