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Naperville Divorce AttorneysWhen someone says their divorce is complex, you might envision the emotional entanglements of love lost, which can make agreements more difficult to achieve. Each divorce is complicated in its own way, but some marriage dissolutions end up more involved than anticipated, or necessary.

What factors influence whether your divorce is short and amicable or drawn-out and ugly?

Disagreements Over Separate and Marital Property

In Illinois, property division includes the determination of what is “marital property” and “separate property.” That is, the debts and assets acquired before the marriage and what occurred after the vows. During a divorce, separate property returns to the original owner, and marital property and joint debts are divided equally between the parties. Exceptions to the rule include inheritances or gifts given solely to one spouse during the union, which are typically counted as separate property. Contention sometimes arises from the determination of which assets fall into the marital property category.


Naperville divorce attorneyDeciding to end your marriage is one of the most difficult choices that you will ever make. Even if you are absolutely convinced that there are no other options, divorce is not easy. Unfortunately, making the decision is only the beginning, especially if you have children. The way in which you present the reality to them will go a long way in helping them to process and understand what is about to happen. As you prepare to tell your children about your divorce, there are several things you should keep in mind.

Schedule a Time

It is extremely important for you and your spouse to take the conversation with your children very seriously. With that in mind, you should set aside some time to sit down with your children—preferably together—so that you can have their undivided attention. There is no way to know for sure how long the discussion will take, as your children may have many questions or they may have very few questions the first time around. As you and your children sit down to talk, be sure to turn off the television and silence your cell phone so that the focus remains where it belongs.


Posted on in Divorce

reasons for divorce, considering divorce, Naperville divorce lawyerDivorce is a life-altering decision, and one that should not be taken lightly. Everyone deserves happiness, but at what point is your relationship past saving, and your best action to separate and move on? While no one, aside from yourself, can determine if your marriage is over, there are a few items to consider when deciding whether or not to end your relationship. One prominent US doctor, health counselor, and life coach recently shared a few important reasons your marriage may be salvageable, and a few others that indicate divorce is likely your best option.

Reasons to Work on Your Relationship

Health Concerns: Any life changing event can have health implications, and divorce is no different. The stress and emotional whirlwind you will likely face during your divorce could be damaging to your health, especially if you are battling an illness. If you, your spouse, or any family member is facing a life-threatening illness, consider waiting and working on your relationship. If divorce is inevitable, consider choosing a time when everyone is in good health.

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