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What is Supervised Child Visitation in Illinois?

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supervised visitation in Illinois, Naperville child custody attorneysFor parents who need a safe environment for the child to spend time with their other parent, or in cases where a child’s safety with a parent may be at risk, the Illinois family court system may require supervised child visitation. Supervised visitation is time spent between a parent and their child that is monitored by a third-party. This party’s presence is meant to ensure that appropriate behavior, in a safe environment, can occur between a parent and their child.

Supervised visitation offers both the child and the parent an opportunity to get to know one another if the parent has not been in their child’s life previously. It can also give both a chance to build a healthier relationship if they had a less than favorable one before.

Supervisors to Monitor Parent and Child Visitation

A supervisor may be required to be present for the entire visit or interaction between the supervised parent and their child. There are some situations in which a supervisor is only required to be present for the period of time when the child is being transferred from one parent to the other.

Family, Friend, or Professional Supervisor?

A wide range of people can be employed as a supervisor for court-mandated supervised visits. The list includes friends, family, clergy, or professional supervisors. The supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the interaction between the parent and child is safe for all parties, and meets any specific requirements set by the court. The supervisor must be a legal adult, have a fluent understanding of whatever language is used between the parent and their child, understand proper child care, and be dedicated to creating an environment that lends itself to the parent and their child developing a healthier relationship.

While it is usually less expensive to have a friend or family member as the supervisor, it can present its own unique scheduling challenges. It can also make ending a supervised visit time period more difficult if he or she did not carefully document the visits. Professional supervisors offer a solution to both of those problems, but can put a larger financial strain on the parent responsible for paying them. Generally, it is the responsibility of the parent being supervised to pay for the supervisor.

How Long Will an Order for Supervised Visits Last?

The specifics around visits between a parent and their child are decided by the court on an individual basis, with no set rules for how long supervised visitation can last. The order for supervised visitation may stay in place until the parent and child have developed a strong relationship, both parents agree to end supervised visits, or the court decides that it is no longer necessary.

Agreeing on the right circumstances for visits is extremely important for the parents as well as the children. Due to the complexities and costs associated with supervised visitation cases, a skilled Naperville child custody attorney is a valuable resource for more information relevant to your family’s unique situation. Please call the Pesce Law Group, P.C. today at 630-352-2240 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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