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Strategies for Divorcing Someone With a Personality Disorder

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Naperville divorce attorneysIf your spouse suffers from narcissistic personality disorder, borderline personality disorder, or another type of personality disorder, you may have concerns about how he or she will respond to divorce. Ending a marriage can be extremely difficult no matter the circumstances, but when a spouse suffers from a mental illness, the situation can be particularly stressful. You may encounter legal obstacles during the divorce process that are nearly impossible to manage on your own. Fortunately, a divorce lawyer experienced in handing cases involving mentally ill spouses can help you navigate this tricky situation.

Protect Your Finances  

Sometimes, a mental illness like a personality disorder manifests in impulsive behavior. This may include going on shopping sprees or spending money through a gambling addiction or substance abuse problem. There are a few different ways that you can protect your finances before the divorce process is initiated. If you are not quite ready to divorce or you suspect the divorce process will take a considerable amount of time, you may want to obtain a legal separation.

A separation agreement may clarify which spouses have access to joint bank accounts or it could stipulate that joint accounts be closed and that each spouse opens his or her own account. A legal separation will also prevent you from being responsible for debts accumulated by your spouse before the divorce is finalized. Another option is to obtain a financial restraining order. This is a court order that will freeze marital assets for both parties and prohibit spouses from selling off marital property.

Protect Yourself and Your Children

There are millions of wonderful parents who happen to suffer from a mental illness. A parent is not automatically unfit just because he or she suffers from a personality disorder. However, some mentally ill spouses do represent a danger to their children. If you have reason to believe that your spouse may harm your child or will not be capable of proving a safe home for him or her, you may want to petition the court for full parental responsibilities or supervised parenting time.

If you or your child are in immediate danger of being harmed by your spouse, you may want to obtain an order of protection. An Emergency Order of Protection can prohibit your spouse from coming within a certain distance of you or your children, require him or her to move out of your shared home, require him or her to surrender any firearms, and offer other types of protections.

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