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Safeguarding Yourself During a Divorce: How to Address the Threat of Domestic Violence

 Posted on March 30, 2023 in Domestic Violence

IL divorce lawyerStressful situations can make people act in ways they would regularly not act in. This is especially true in cases of divorce. However, while it can be rightfully assumed that the average person will be stressed and anxious during a divorce, there are ways to act that are entirely unacceptable, regardless of the situation. A great example of this is domestic violence. Domestic violence is abhorrent and can have severe physical and emotional repercussions.

If you want a divorce but feel threatened by the potential for domestic violence, it is crucial to act swiftly to ensure the safety of yourself and your family. Today, we will discuss how to address the threat of domestic violence during a divorce. To start, consult with a qualified family law attorney who will be able to guide you through the legal process of divorce.

Essential Steps to Take Right Now

The following are steps you can take right now to help you navigate this tumultuous time, including:

  • Reach out for support – Reach out to trusted friends and family members or local support organizations. These outlets can offer you emotional support, guidance on available resources, and assistance in creating a safety plan.
  • Document the abuse – If you have experienced domestic violence or feel threatened, it is crucial to document it. Keep a detailed record of incidents, including dates, times, and any information about the circumstances of the events. In addition, preserve any evidence, such as photos of injuries, damaged property, or threatening messages. This documentation can be vital in obtaining a protective order or proving your case in court.
  • Consult with a family law attorney – As stated at the outset, there are a few more helpful things you can do for yourself in this difficult time than to consult with an experienced family law attorney. Your attorney will advise you on your rights, help you navigate the legal process, and prioritize your safety throughout the proceedings. They can also help you obtain a protective order prohibiting your spouse from contacting you or coming near your home, workplace, or children’s school.
  • Create a safety plan – This plan should include strategies for leaving your home safely, identifying safe locations to go in an emergency, and ensuring you have access to essential documents and resources. If you have children, include them in your safety plan and teach them how to call for help if necessary.

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