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Political Disagreements and Child Custody Disputes in DuPage County

 Posted on November 15, 2022 in Child Custody

st. charles divorce lawyerChild custody disputes can sometimes mirror our current political climate, which is contentious, divisive, and turbulent. These disputes can become even more impassioned if the divorcing parents hold opposing political beliefs. Sometimes a parent may feel the other parent is indoctrinating their child with their own beliefs while vilifying the other parent because of their political views. Depending on the child’s age, a parent’s hostile political discourse can negatively impact the child’s relationship with the other parent and other family members and friends with opposing views. The argumentative and uncompromising political dissent can even impair the child’s conflict resolution skills.  

A child custody attorney adept at negotiation can help you create a cohesive parenting plan that describes each parent’s allocation of parenting time and parental responsibilities and addresses other important issues. Modifying a parenting plan is another feasible approach to promoting unity. 

Parental Alienation in Illinois

Parental alienation comes in many forms and involves one parent conditioning and manipulating their child into believing that the other parent is abusive, neglectful, irresponsible, mentally ill, reckless, or unintelligent. The offending parent does this by disparaging and belittling the other parent. Sometimes they even solicit family members and friends to participate in their relentless campaign to slander and denigrate the other parent. Brainwashing a child into assuming the other parent is evil, dangerous, and corrupt simply because of their opposing political beliefs can constitute parental alienation. 

Illinois courts are interested in protecting the child’s best interests. If a parent’s behavior escalates to the point that it harms the child’s physical, mental, or emotional wellbeing, the court may need to intervene. The repercussions of parental alienation are severe. Not only does the child suffer, but the offending parent’s parenting time and parental responsibilities may be limited and modified

Common Political Disputes and Potential Resolutions

Sometimes divorcing parents vehemently dispute various social and economic issues, including but not limited to the following.  

  • LGBTQ rights – Parents may be at odds over LGBTQ issues, like same-sex marriage or sex reassignment therapies. 

  • Gun control – Parents may disagree on gun safety and rights.

  • Abortion – Parents may have opposing views on abortion laws and access and may even fight over the meaning of women's reproductive healthcare.

  • Immigration – One parent may advocate for enforcing strict immigration laws, while the other may support an open border policy.

  • Economy – One parent may be fiscally conservative, while the other may have a socialist economic philosophy. 

Most of the time, political differences do not escalate to the point that a modification to the parenting plan is needed. Parents may be able to mitigate the conflict caused by political differences. 

If both parties cooperate, simple tactics to resolve the discord could work, including the following.

  • Refrain from watching, reading, or discussing the news during parenting time.

  • Divert political discourse to other or shared topics such as popular culture, sports, creative hobbies, or travel.

  • Propose a no-politics policy in your household.

  • If a political conversation cannot be suppressed, discuss differences calmly and constructively and lead by example by always refraining from interrupting or shouting.

  • Show respect for the other parent's opposing political views; after all, our Frist Amendment protects our freedom of speech.  

Contact a DuPage County Family Law Attorney

At Pesce Law Group P.C., a full-service family law firm, our assertive and results-driven attorneys aggressively advocate for fair and reasonable solutions. Our family law attorneys realize a child’s relationship with divorced parents can be precarious and complex. We tactically devise parenting plans customized to the needs of our clients. If you are a divorcing parent needing a guaranteed parenting plan or need your parenting plan enforced, contact a Burr Ridge child custody attorney at 630-230-1002 for a free consultation. 


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