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Orders of Protection against Domestic Violence in Illinois

 Posted on July 21, 2015 in Domestic Violence

orders of protection, domestic abuse, Illinois family law attorneyIt is important for victims of domestic violence to know they have options to protect themselves from spousal abuse or harassment. An order of protection will require the threatening spouse or individual to follow the interaction rules set forth in the orders or face criminal charges. Before filing for an order of protection, individuals should seek legal counsel to gain a better understanding of the scope of this type of protection.

Types of Orders

An Illinois family law attorney can help an individual choose which of the orders of protection apply to their case. While each type of order differs from the others, they all seek to provide safety for victims of domestic violence.

The first type of order is known as a Plenary Order of Protection. This applies to cases in which both the victim and the alleged abuser have gone to court to testify. The order will be effective for up to 24 months, which is the longest lasting order of protection in the state.

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