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How to Maintain Your Career During Divorce

 Posted on May 17, 2016 in Divorce

divorce, career, Naperville family law attorneyDivorce is no walk in the park. In fact, divorce is often considered the second most stressful event a person can experience in life, after the death of a spouse. Maintaining any sense of normalcy while going through a divorce can be challenging. For those with jobs, just surviving the work day can be difficult. How can you be expected to be a productive professional when even getting out of bed seems impossible? First, know you are not alone. Most people struggle with work while going through the divorce process. With the incoming calls, emails from attorneys, divorce preparation, and the wide range of emotions to process, how is one expected to focus on work? If you are struggling to remain productive at work while going through a divorce, follow these tips that can help you stay distraction free and focused.

Talk to the Right People

If you are trying not to think about your divorce during work hours, your best course of action is to limit who knows about the situation. Certainly your closest coworkers, if they are personal friends, can be informed, but the last thing you need is constant questions and reminders from coworkers about your personal life. Ask the few coworkers you do tell to keep the news to themselves. You do not need everyone in your office checking in on you and asking about your divorce.

Aside from a trusted coworker and friend, the only other person in your office you should inform is your boss or manager. This gives them the opportunity to provide you a little leeway and flexibility if needed, and also lets them know that something major is happening in your life. Reassure them that while you may appear tired, distracted, or stressed at times, you are still dedicated to your career.

Handle Divorce Matters Before or After Work

Your inbox may be flooded with divorce related emails, and your cell phone may be ringing with calls from your soon-to-be ex or attorneys, but experts recommend avoiding all divorce related matters until after work. As soon as you open a divorce email, or take a call from your attorney, you are immediately distracted from your job, and regaining focus can be difficult.

Get Away If Needed

If your divorce creeps into your mind during the work day, or you are struggling to deal with divorce-related stress, find a safe place within your office or work place where you can go to unwind and take a break. Allow yourself ten minutes to collect yourself, breath, and return to work more focused and productive. If there is no peaceful space in your office, like a break room, consider using your car, or taking a walk. Even a coffee shop can provide you a few minutes of peace.

Divorce specialists also recommend identifying a few quick things that can help boost your mood when you are feeling down. For many, music is a mood booster, so consider putting a playlist together with a few songs that can help bolster your mood. Headphones can help, as they allow you to tune out everything else..

Stay Busy

While going to work each day through your divorce may feel miserable, one of the best things you can possibly do is surround yourself with other people and distractions. If possible, take on more projects at work. Ask coworkers if you can help with their workload. As one divorce specialists says, “the more you have to do, the less time on your hands to focus on the divorce.”

Hire the Right Attorney

One of the best ways to reduce divorce stress is to have confidence in the attorney you have representing you. A skilled attorney will make you feel reassured, answer any questions you may have, and will support you throughout the entire divorce process. At Pesce Law Group, P.C., our team will effectively and efficiently handle your divorce, providing you with as stress-free a process as possible. Call 630-352-2240 to speak with a qualified DuPage County divorce attorney to learn more about the wide array of divorce-related services we offer.


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