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Is Divorce Really the Right Choice for You?

 Posted on July 09, 2018 in Divorce

DuPage County divorce attorneysDivorce is common enough in today’s world that many people tend to take the idea quite casually—particularly when it is happening to someone else. Take the 2011 Steve Carell movie Crazy Stupid Love, for example, where the main character’s friends and colleagues celebrate the fact that he is getting divorced and does not, in fact, have cancer as they suspected. This casual approach to divorce encourages the belief that when a marriage experiences trouble, it is easier to end the relationship than to fix the problems. However, people may want to take a step back and make sure divorce is the right choice for them before making the decision to end their marriage.

Illinois Divorce Law

According to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act, the court will enter a judgment of divorce if “irreconcilable differences have caused the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage," that attempts at reconciliation have failed, and that additional efforts to save the marriage are not reasonable or would not serve the best interests of the family.

The court will generally enter a judgment of divorce if both spouses agree that the marriage has broken down beyond repair. If one spouse does not agree, the court will accept a six-month period of living separate and apart (which can be done even while still living under the same roof) as proof of irreconcilable differences.

In some cases, attempts to reconcile are not considered to be reasonable or necessary. If your spouse, for example, has a proven record of domestic abuse, the court may decide that attempting to fix the relationship is not worth the risk. It is in situations like this that the “best interests of the family” phrase comes into play. If the court finds that continuing to try to repair the marriage would be useless, your divorce will be granted.

More Personal Considerations

Apart from the legal aspect of the divorce process, it is important to keep in mind that getting divorced is a serious undertaking. In fact, according to the Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory, getting a divorce is the second-most stressful life event a person is likely to experience—second only to the death of a spouse. Marital separation is a close third. No matter what challenges you and your spouse are currently facing, it is important to be sure that divorce is the best choice for you. Once a divorce is complete, you cannot take it back.

With that said, however, a divorce can be a new beginning. Those who have been languishing in an unhappy, unhealthy situation are often able to get through the divorce process and come out better for it on the other side.

If you are thinking about a divorce and would like to know more about your available options, contact an experienced DuPage County divorce attorney. We can provide the guidance you need as you approach the divorce process so that your rights are fully protected. Call 630-352-2240 for a free, confidential consultation at Pesce Law Group, P.C. today.



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