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How to Handle a Divorce with a Hostile Spouse

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Naperville divorce attorneysWhile all divorces are stressful and time-consuming to some extent, some divorces are more complex than others. One example of a highly complex divorce is one in which one spouse simply refuses to cooperate. He or she may attempt to hide assets in order to be awarded more of the marital property or tell lies about the other spouse in order to slow the divorce process or gain custody of children. In high-conflict divorces, spouses engage in hostile confrontation instead of legal negotiation about issues like spousal maintenance, child support, parenting time, or property division. High-conflict divorces require an attorney who is experienced at finding solutions to seemingly-unsolvable problems. In addition to hiring a dedicated attorney, spouses in the midst of a high-conflict divorce may find relief through the following suggestions.

Focus on the Future and Let Go of the Past

Complex divorces, like those which involve a totally uncooperative spouse, can be laborious. In addition to the legal processes that may need to take place, there is also a lot to process emotionally. Many spouses going through a high-conflict divorce are absolutely shocked that the person they once loved could purposely make their lives so difficult. Experts suggest that anyone ending their marriage allow themselves to grieve. Divorce is not unlike the death of a spouse in that although the other spouse is not technically gone, he or she may act like a completely different person once faced with divorce. Many divorcing individuals find that therapy helps them to grieve the end of their marriage and the loss of their partner.

In addition to allowing yourself to grieve, experts suggest looking toward the future as a way to cope with a complex and challenging divorce. Instead of stooping to your spouse’s level of lies and manipulation, work toward ending the marriage so that you can move on. It may be helpful to pursue a hobby, join a gym, or take a class in order to help take your mind off the divorce process.

Seek Legal Support from an Attorney You Can Trust

It can be nearly impossible to handle a high-conflict divorce on your own – especially if your spouse is adamant on attempting to ruin your life. An experienced attorney is able to inspect the evidence, thoroughly research the law, and fight for their clients at court hearings. The attorneys at Pesce Law Group, P.C. have the experience and know-how to handle even the most complex or hostile divorces. To speak with one of our knowledgeable DuPage County divorce lawyers, call 630-352-2240 today.


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