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How Can My Online Activity Influence My Divorce Case?

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IL divorce lawyerStudies show that Americans spend a great deal of time on the internet. Whether working remotely, streaming videos, or using social media to keep up with friends and family, we are constantly online. If you are like many people considering divorce, you may wonder if your online activity can impact your divorce. Perhaps you have posted some things online that you are not proud of or shared information about the divorce on your Facebook or Instagram account. If you are already separated, you may even use online dating applications like Tinder.

What you do and say online can be used as evidence in a divorce case. Even posts that were deleted or set to “private” may be used against you in a divorce. If you are getting divorced and you have questions or concerns about how your online activity may impact the case, make sure to reach out to an experienced divorce lawyer for help.

Can Courts Use Online Content to Decide Divorce Issues?

If you use social networking sites or dating apps, have a blog or YouTube channel, or otherwise post information online, you probably wonder how this information could be used in a divorce. Online content, especially social media content, is increasingly used during divorce cases. There are many different ways that what you post online can impact divorce.

Consider the following examples:

  • A mother engaged in a child custody dispute frequently posts pictures of her partying at a bar on the nights she has custody of the kids. The father uses this information to argue that he should receive a greater share of the parenting time.
  • A spouse who failed to disclose digital currency assets on his or her financial affidavit posts a Facebook status update bragging about how much money he made buying and selling Bitcoin. The other spouse’s attorney uses this as evidence of hidden assets in the divorce case.
  • A husband insists that he cannot afford spousal maintenance payments but posts a picture of his brand-new Mercedes on his Instagram account. His wife’s attorney uses this picture to argue that the husband can in fact afford maintenance payments.
  • Social media posts, text messages, emails, and other digital communication is often admissible in a divorce case. If you are worried about how online activity may influence your divorce, speak with a divorce attorney for personalized guidance.

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