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How Can I Ask My Partner for a Prenuptial Agreement Without Offending Them?

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IL divorce lawyerGetting engaged to be married is an exciting and romantic experience. If you are like many soon-to-be spouses, you may worry that asking your partner for a prenuptial agreement will put a damper on this exciting time in your life. You may even wonder if bringing up the idea of a prenup will make him or her question the engagement.

Prenuptial agreements are massively misunderstood. Fortunately, more and more people are starting to understand the value of prenuptial agreements. Prenups are not only for celebrity couples or the ultra-wealthy. Prenuptial agreements protect both spouses’ rights and financial interests. Drafting a prenuptial agreement is also a great way to discuss crucial financial issues before you get married. The following tips can help you broach the subject in a way that is non-confrontational and low pressure.

Make it a Collaborative Venture

Many fiancé(e)s are offended by the idea of signing a prenuptial agreement because they assume that the documents only benefit one spouse in a marriage. Television shows and movies have painted a very inaccurate picture of what a prenuptial agreement actually is. Prenuptial agreements should always benefit both spouses. In fact, Illinois courts will not uphold a prenup that is “unconscionable” or grossly biased toward one spouse. Make the discussion collaborative. Instead of insisting that your partner signs a ready-made prenup, make an appointment to meet with an attorney together and discuss your questions and concerns.

Explain the Benefits of a Prenup

Prenuptial agreements are largely used to protect each party’s financial future in the event of divorce. The agreement can identify what property is marital and what is non-marital, describe a spouse’s right to spousal maintenance or alimony, and more. However, the act of drafting a prenuptial agreement is also beneficial in and of itself. During the creation of the prenup, you and your spouse must fully disclose your assets and liabilities. This type of financial transparency sets you and your partner up for an honest, open future.

Listen to Your Partner’s Concerns

Your partner will probably have several questions and even some fears with regard to a prenuptial agreement. Listen to his or her opinions and honestly consider his or her point of view. Often, people just want to make sure their voices are heard. A skilled family law attorney can help you and your partner negotiate the term of the prenup so each of you feels as though the agreement is fair and reasonable.

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