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Five Common Mistakes to Avoid in Illinois Child Custody Cases

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child custody mistakes, Illinois child custody lawyerIn the event of a divorce, determining custody of the couple’s child(ren) can be the most emotional part of the process. Gaining custody tends to be the primary focus for each parent, above all other allocations. With the amount of pressure placed on custody hearings, divorcing couples often make mistakes that can negatively impact the court’s determination regarding the child custody plan.

The most important thing to remember during custody negotiations is the priority of the child’s well-being. In order to determine a favorable outcome, parents should be aware of five mistakes that can have a significant impact on the outcome of the proceedings.

Mistake One: The couple’s hostility toward each other is more apparent than their love for their children.

The court will come to a decision based on their determination on what will be best for the child(ren). Divorcing parents should never let negative feelings toward their spouse be made known to their child(ren). Parents should refrain from speaking negatively about the child(ren)’s father or mother if the child(ren) could overhear, and should also avoid posting negative comments on social media or other public platforms.

Mistake Two: Actively seeking to restrict or deny visitation rights to one’s former spouse.

Some parents will try to shut their spouse out of their child(ren)’s lives completely. The courts do not look favorably on this type of behavior, as it is usually not in the best interest of the child(ren) to lose all contact with a parent. Parents seeking custody must show the court they are willing to allow their child(ren) to have a relationship and visitation rights with the other parent.

Mistake Three: Refusing any type of compromise or cooperation.

Both parents should remain in open communication during the custody hearings. The child(ren) must be taken care of at all costs, even if it involves a little extra participation from the father or the mother. Visitation should always be allowed even if child support payments are missed.

Mistake Four: Taking petty jabs during negotiations.

During custody hearings, testimonies and negotiations can quickly turn sour. Parents seeking custody must present a calm, mature presence even during emotional situations.

Mistake Five: Making life changes that are not completely necessary.

Parents who are in the middle of divorce and custody proceedings should refrain from making major life changes unless absolutely necessary. A parent who moves or changes jobs may not be granted custody since such a significant change may be determined by the family court judge to have a potentially negative impact on the child(ren).

Divorce can be complicated, especially when children are involved. Parents who are seeking new or revised child custody agreements should always consult with a skilled Naperville child custody attorney to review their case. Contact Pesce Law Group, P.C. to schedule a complimentary consultation. There is no time to delay when your children are involved, call 630-352-2240 today.

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