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Do Wealthy Parents Pay More Child Support in Illinois?

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IL divorce lawyerDivorcing spouses must agree to a compromise on many complex problems before a divorce can be finalized. This is especially true when spouses are parents of children under 18. Parenting time, allocation of parental responsibilities, and child support are some of the most contentious issues and it can be difficult to know what to expect.

Child support is often the most predictable part of divorce, but for parents involved in a high net worth divorce, this is often not the case. Although Illinois generally sets child support amounts according to a standard formula, wealthy parents may see a deviation in child support payments. If you are involved in a high-asset divorce and are concerned that your or your spouse’s income may make child support difficult to determine, read on.

Illinois Child Support Guidelines

Most states have guidelines for determining child support, and Illinois is no exception. Both parents are responsible for providing financial support for their child, and child support payments are usually set by combining both parents’ net income and setting monthly payments according to which parent earns more money and which parent has the majority parenting time.

However, if one or both parents are high earners, strictly following Illinois child support guidelines may lead to child support payments that are well in excess of what a child needs. Courts can handle each case individually and deviate from the guidelines so that one parent does not receive a large financial windfall simply because the other parent makes a lot of money.

Seeking the Child’s Best Interests

Illinois courts hold that because a child is not responsible for his or her parents’ breakup, a child’s standard of living should not suffer because the parents decided to get divorced. So, in addition to meeting a child’s basic needs like food, clothing, and healthcare, child support from high-earning parents may be adjusted to ensure the child can continue the standard of living he or she enjoyed while the parents were married. Child support can help pay for private school tuition, extracurricular activities like music lessons and sports team membership, and even vacations. Furthermore, divorced parents in Illinois can be ordered to help pay for their child’s education even after the child has reached legal adulthood.

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