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Divorce Through an App?

 Posted on March 15, 2016 in Divorce

divorce app, Naperville family law attorneyAs smartphone apps like Tinder and OkCupid continue to gain popularity, dating in America has become increasingly digital. Most of us know a happy couple who met and fell in love through a dating app, and many of those relationships lead to happy marriages. Not all of these apps, however, are about finding love. A group of new companies are hoping to simplify another aspect of relationships: separation. Companies like Wevorce and now offer users the ability to divorce their spouse through an app on their smartphone or tablet, and at a much lower cost than a typical divorce. Can the complex divorce process really be navigated via an app?

Divorce Online

Promising to keep couples from paying large legal fees, new start-ups like Wevorce and allow users to navigate the divorce process for a significantly smaller fee. A simple "traditional" divorce with assistance from an attorney can still be relatively inexpensive, as little as $2,500, according to John Slowiaczek, the president-elect of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. These divorce apps, however, purport to offer couples solutions for under $1,000. Wevorce, for example, has a step-by-step guide that helps users navigate the divorce process, complete with mediators who are accessible through video-conferencing. Wevorce’s packages start at $749. Another company,, makes it possible for users to divorce for as little as $1,000, depending on the circumstances of their divorce. These companies aim to help couples divorce without legal representation, which is where the high costs typically associated with divorce often come into play. Divorce, however, is complicated, so can couples really trust these apps? In some cases, maybe, but they are not for everyone.

A Simple Divorce

The key to using these apps, according to one consumer advocate, is that couples do not have complications or disagreements. Experts say that for spouses expecting a fairly typical divorce process, these products may work, but, in many cases, divorces become complicated even when couples do not expect problems. Most couples have complex issues to cover in their divorce including children, assets, retirement accounts, real estate, credit cards and alimony, and these types of things require the help of an attorney. As Slowiaczek says, divorce can impact the rest of a couple’s life, so it is important that the process is handled correctly. Couples with complicated issues who choose a divorce app may make mistakes that are difficult to correct once the divorce is finalized.

Consult an Attorney

Whether you are considering a divorce app or not, Slowiaczek recommends consulting an attorney first. He says that in many cases a lawyer can be hired simply to review the case. From there, they may be able to determine if an app would work for the couple’s divorce or not. Still, the safest route is hiring an attorney to assist with the entire process. Decisions made during divorce are hard to reverse, so couples should think twice before proceeding with a DIY divorce.

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