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Is Divorce Mediation Right For You?

Posted on in Mediation and Collaborative Law

Naperville divorce attorneysAs anyone who has been through a divorce will tell you, tension between two divorcing spouses can run high. The emotional turmoil and stress of the divorce can make it difficult for couples to come to a decision about how they want to proceed with their divorce. In some divorces, a neutral third party called a family law mediator or divorce mediator is employed to help couples come to an agreement on issues.

The job of a mediator is to help couples end their marriages as amicable and cost-effectively as possible. Many couples with children use divorce mediation in order to decide how they will share custody and parental responsibilities for the children. Divorce mediators may also help with decisions regarding the distribution of property, retirement, wills, or other financial concerns.

What Types of Couples Could Benefit from Mediation?

Many couples who are experiencing marital problems seek a therapist to help them work through their conflicts and stay together. Mediation is not the same thing as couples’ therapy. Divorce mediation takes place after a couple has decided for sure that they are going to end their marriage.

If you and your spouse want to set the groundwork for more amiable post-divorce life for yourselves and your children, mediation can certainly help. Not only does a mediator help couples plan for the divorce process, it also helps them learn how to communicate in an effective and cooperative way. This can be especially valuable when the inevitable disagreements about child custody or child rearing arise in the future.

A divorce mediator may also be helpful for couples who have trouble communicating on their own. If you have been trying to work together with your spouse on how to end the marriage and are struggling to make any progress, a mediator may be right for you. In some cases, a divorcing couple is willing and able to cooperate and work together to reach an agreement about how to proceed with the divorce. They are able to compromise on disagreements regarding property distribution or finances on their own. These couples may not need the assistance of a divorce mediator. It is important to note that a divorce mediator does not take the place of a divorce attorney. The agreements made through a divorce mediator are not legally binding until they are presented to and approved by the court as part of a divorce judgment.

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