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Ways to Combat Divorce Stress

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Naperville divorce lawyerAny major life change can be stressful, and divorce is certainly no different. Even the most amicable of divorces can feel overwhelming, with meetings, phone calls, court dates, and more. Some face greater challenges during their divorce than others, but most every divorcee can agree that their divorce left them stressed and emotionally drained at one point or another. It is important that those going through a divorce seek out ways to relieve their stress. Keep in mind that while divorce is an uncomfortable process, it can lead to significant happiness later, so the goal should be to simply get through the process and reach a fair outcome. Here are a few simple tips those going through a divorce can follow to reduce their stress levels.

Set Goals

For many, divorce is a time of uncertainty. It is easy to be stressed and anxious if the future is unknown. Those looking to reduce their divorce stress should set goals for themselves. These can be small, like making new friends, or big goals like finding a new career or mapping out your next living location. Any step you can take to make you feel more in control of your life will help alleviate your anxiety. Make an effort during your divorce to pursue these goals, and you will find yourself feeling more grounded and less consumed by emotion.

Take Care of Yourself

Taking care of yourself, both physically and emotionally, is very important during and after your divorce. Proper nutrition and sleep will make you feel less stressed and better able to tackle the challenges of your divorce. All too often, nutrition is one of the first things to fall by the wayside during stressful life events, but eating right is important to maintaining your energy. Also, love yourself. Divorce can bring up a lot of negative emotions. You may find yourself thinking, “Did I cause my marriage to fail?” Do not get trapped feeling like you are not successful enough, attractive enough, or good enough to deserve a happy marriage. Instead, forgive yourself for any shortcomings, and move on while loving yourself.

Do Something Physical

Similarly to eating right, people often forget to stay active during stressful life events. Exercise of any kind, from hiking to biking to yoga, will help elevate your mood and relieve some of the stress you are dealing with. When your body’s natural endorphins are released during exercise, you will feel happier and more balanced.

Stay Grateful

Staying grateful during divorce can be challenging. “What do I have to be grateful for,” you may ask. True, you are ending your marriage. You may also be leaving your home and losing out financially. You may even be watching as your spouse pursues a new love interest. It is important, however, to focus on the positives of any unfortunate situation. Divorce will bring you the freedom to explore yourself and find a happier life. You will call the shots. When you heal, you can explore relationships again. Even changing your attitude slightly towards positivity and gratefulness can lift your spirits and relieve some of your divorce stress.

Just Breathe

Breathing? Sure, it is assumed that everyone breathes, but when was the last time you took a moment to relax and take a deep breath. Meditation is great for this, but even those who are not into meditation will find that a few times a day and taking up to 10 slow, deep breaths can make a difference. When oxygen floods your brain, you will feel your stress dissipate.

Work With an Experienced Attorney

Divorce is challenging enough - you should not be working with an inexperienced, unqualified divorce attorney. You need someone on your side who you can trust to be knowledgeable and advocate for you and your rights. At Pesce Law Group, P.C., we support our clients from the first step of their divorce to the last. We offer a wide variety of divorce and family law services, and even offer free consultations to allow you a chance to learn more about us. Call 630-352-2240 to speak to a qualified DuPage County divorce attorney today.


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