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Which States Have the Cheapest and Most Expensive Divorces?

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divorce finances, Naperville family law attorneyFor many couples, February is a month of love. Valentine's day is the perfect time to show your love and support for your spouse. Trends show, however, that for many other couples, the beginning of the year may bring with it the end of their marriage. Many unhappy couples choose to file for divorce at the beginning of the year, likely hoping for a fresh start. So while happier couples are making plans for Valentines day, those about to start a divorce are likely planning financially for the costs ahead. While predetermining a cost for your divorce is difficult, due to the fact that each divorce case is different, in the United States, the average cost of a divorce is typically $15,000 to $20,000. Of course, the cost of your divorce will depend on many different factors. One important factor, which may be surprising, is what state in which you live. A recent survey examined the costs of divorce in each of the United States. Take a look at a few states with the most and least expensive divorces.

Most Expensive: California

California is ranked as the most expensive state to get a divorce. The state’s filing fee of $435 is the most expensive in the country, and attorney fees average $402 per hour. The divorce process itself also tends to be lengthy in California, with most divorces taking six months or more to complete.

Most Expensive: New Jersey

Divorces in New Jersey take at least 12 months to process, meaning divorce costs can add up quickly. Additionally, the state’s fee to file for divorce is $300, and the average rate for a divorce attorney is $365 per hour.

Most Expensive: Connecticut

The state of Connecticut has one of the lowest marriage rates in America, but it is one of the costliest states in which to get divorced. The divorce filing fee is $350 in the state, and the average cost of a divorce attorney is $417, the fifth highest average hourly rate in the nation.

Least Expensive: Wyoming

Many western states have low divorce costs, and the cheapest state for divorce is Wyoming. Coming in at about one third of the national average of $215, the filing fee for divorce in Wyoming is only $70. Additionally, hiring a divorce attorney in the state is significantly cheaper compared to many other states. The average hourly cost for an attorney is $187.

Least Expensive: North Dakota

North Dakota is ranked as the second cheapest state to get a divorce, and has the lowest average hourly rate for an attorney of any state in the nation. The filing fee in North Dakota is $80, and the average cost per hour for a divorce attorney is $162.

Least Expensive: Maine

Maine has one of the fastest processing times for divorce, with most cases taking a short 60 days. Overall, Maine is ranked as the fourth cheapest state for divorce, with an average attorney fee of $207 an hour, and a filing fee of $120.

Where Does Illinois Stand?

While divorce is not as costly in Illinois as it is in other more expensive states like California, the state is ranked as the sixth most expensive state for divorce. The average hourly rate for an attorney is $417, one of the highest in the country, and the fee to file is $337.

Due to the high costs associated with divorce, working with an experienced Naperville divorce attorney is absolutely necessary. At Pesce Law Group, P.C., our skilled team of attorneys understands that divorce can be a costly process, and will work smartly to minimize your costs and help pursue a beneficial outcome for you and your children. We have handled a wide variety of divorce-related cases, and will work to ensure your case is handled efficiently and successfully. Make the financially smart choice, and call 630-352-2240 today to learn more about what we can do for you.


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