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Can Your Career Lead You to Divorce?

 Posted on May 26, 2016 in Divorce

Naperville divorce attorneyAny successful marriage takes work. Both partners need excellent communication, trust, love, commitment, and a willingness to work together, among many other factors. Without work from both spouses, even a great marriage can quickly unravel. Could your career be impacting your marriage, or leading you towards divorce? According to a recently released British study which examined the correlation between occupations and divorce rates, there are in fact some careers that are more likely to lead to divorce than others.

Could Your Job End Your Marriage?

The study found that many different fields of occupation up the chances a couple’s marriage will end in divorce. Of course, every marriage is different, and many who work in one of the higher risk of divorce jobs maintain successful marriages, but there do seem to be some reasons why certain jobs up your chances of divorce. Some of the higher risk jobs include:

  • Health care workers;
  • Bartenders;
  • Waiters and waitresses;
  • Telephone workers;
  • Performers and athletes;
  • Factory workers;
  • Casino employees;
  • Dancers;
  • Massage therapists; and
  • High stress jobs such as police officers, pilots, reporters, event coordinators, and corporate executives.

Why Do Some Jobs Have Increased Divorce Risk?

It is no surprise that high stress jobs or jobs that take a lot of time and energy have higher divorce risks. Spouses need to spend quality time with each other, and if one or both are unavailable due to work, they do not have an opportunity to maintain a healthy marriage. For some in the health care of hospitality industry, finding the emotional energy to give to a spouse can be difficult when your career is in helping others. For example, a emergency room nurse may be too emotionally and physically drained to give attention to their spouse. Neglecting a spouse is a surefire way to lead to divorce.

Some careers have other potential marriage problems associated with them. Bartenders, for example, have to work around people consuming alcohol, and may be tempted to consume themselves, which can easily lead to problems. Additionally, bartenders work long hours and may not know when they will be home each night. Waiters and waitresses face similar problems, and many food service employees also struggle with finances, as their incomes can vary greatly depending on tips. Financial problems often cause marital strain. Another profession with an unusually high divorce rate is a massage therapist. Anytime physical contact is involved in a career, there is the possibility of jealousy.

Divorce Solutions You Can Count On

Nobody expects their marriage to end. Healthy relationships require effort from both partners, but sometimes, divorce can be the best option. If you believe your marriage is headed towards divorce, you need a skilled Naperville divorce attorney you can trust. The team at Pesce Law Group, P.C., offers a wide variety of divorce solutions, and can help navigate you through the complex divorce process. We even offer mediation and collaborative law for those hoping to keep their divorce out of court. Call 630-352-2240 to learn more about our efficient divorce help today.


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