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Are You a Victim of Emotional Abuse?

 Posted on December 24, 2019 in Domestic Violence

DuPage County emotional abuse attorneysMany people are under the misconception that domestic violence only involves physical violence like hitting and kicking. Emotional abuse can be much harder to recognize that physical violence, but it can be just as damaging to a person’s well-being. One of the most insidious parts of emotional or mental abuse is that the abuser often convinces the victim that he or she somehow deserves the terrible treatment. Many victims of emotional abuse are afraid to report the abuse or leave an abusive spouse. If you have been a victim of any form of domestic violence, speaking to a domestic violence attorney and requesting an order of protection may help.

Examples of Emotional Abuse

Abusive individuals may use a variety of tactics to control and dominate their victim. They may use derogatory, insulting, and manipulative language to break down the victim’s self-esteem. They may withhold affection, communication, and support. If your spouse, romantic partner, or family member controls who you talk to, discourages you from spending time with loved ones, and disrespects your boundaries, you may be a victim of emotional abuse.

Gaslighting is also very common in emotionally abusive relationship. Gaslighting refers to a situation in which an abuser convinces the victim that he or she is misremembering events, not thinking clearly, or even going insane. Emotionally abusive people may use financial abuse to further control their victims as well. Financial abuse can include controlling a victim’s access to money, prohibiting the victim from getting a job, or insisting on seeing receipts for every cent that the victim spends.

Do Not Be Afraid to Get Help

If you have experienced emotional abuse, physical abuse, financial abuse, or any other type of abuse, you do not have to tolerate this treatment. You can obtain an Emergency Order of Protection without your abuser knowing that you taking action until after the order has been issued. If you need further protection from an abuser after the Emergency Order of Protection expires, you can request a Plenary Order of Protection. A Plenary Order of Protection can last up to two years. If you wish to divorce an abusive spouse, reach out to a divorce lawyer with experience helping victims of domestic violence.

Contact a DuPage County Domestic Violence Attorney

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