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4 Things to Do If You Are Worried Your Spouse is Spying on You During Your Illinois Divorce

 Posted on February 03, 2022 in Domestic Violence

Naperville family law attorneyGetting divorced is a traumatic and difficult process for many people, but if you have a possessive or controlling spouse, the process can be even harder. A spouse’s worst behavior is often brought out during divorce; in fact, research shows that victims of domestic violence are at the greatest risk of being seriously hurt or killed when they try to leave their abuser. If you are considering divorce in Illinois and are worried your spouse may try to stalk you, intimidate you, or otherwise control you, here are four things you can do that may help. 

Change Your Passwords 

Many couples share passwords to their accounts. Without you even realizing it, your spouse may be legally accessing your private information. Emails, bank statements, browser history, social media accounts, and text messages could all be easily available unless you change passwords. 

Open Personal Financial Accounts

If you share bank accounts, credit cards, or a cell phone plan with your spouse, you may want to consider closing them or getting your own private accounts. Even closing down shared accounts for online retailers that are connected to your credit cards may be a good idea. Be sure to talk to an attorney before you close any accounts that may be considered marital property. 

Be On the Alert for Spyware

Although it may seem shocking, it is not unheard of for spouses to go as far as downloading software that tracks and reports a smartphone or computer user’s activity. Keyloggers, screen recording, internet traffic monitoring, and more are all possible with today’s technology. If you are worried your spouse may be engaging in any of these activities, get professional help right away. 

Lay Low on Social Media

Even if you have reset your passwords and checked all your privacy settings carefully, your spouse could pose as a friend or family member and see what you are up to online. It is generally a good idea during divorce to stay off of social media, and this is especially true if your spouse may try to track you. 

Call an Experienced Naperville, IL Divorce Lawyer

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