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Prepare and Protect Yourself During a Divorce

Naperville Divorce Attorney

Prepare and Protect Yourself During a DivorceEven when you know ahead of time that you plan to file for divorce, actually going through with the process can make you feel like your life is spiraling out of control. Try to take some comfort in knowing that this is normal – a divorce means the end of a marriage and all that comes with it, such as a shared home, shared finances, and the day-to-day routine that you built with your partner and your family. If you are a parent, a divorce can also mean a future where you will not see your children every day and, instead, you will have to cooperate with your former partner to raise them while alternating time with them.

You can cut down on the overwhelming aspect of the divorce process by adequately preparing for it. Although you cannot prepare for everything, sometimes, the divorce process may throw a curve ball your way. Therefore, you should begin the process with the documentation you need organized and accessible and in a mental state that is focused on your rights, your interests, and the best possible solution for your family.

Know your Assets and Debts

A big part of the divorce process is the division of your marital property. This includes all assets acquired during the marriage. It also means that your outstanding debts will need to be assigned to each of you. If you were not engaged in your finances during your marriage, you can find yourself potentially facing a debt you did not know about. If you have a financial advisor, ask him or her to provide you with documentation of all of your assets and debts. Otherwise, talk with your attorney about obtaining these documents and how you can get a hold of them. Once you have these important documents, organize them into a binder for easy access.

Have All Relevant Information Available

In addition to your financial records, it is also helpful to have other relevant information available during the divorce process. Have the contact information for your child's school and pediatrician available in the event the Court orders a custody evaluation. Have information about your current income, your benefits package, and your available assets on hand as well for the Court to examine. If you claim that an illness or injury prevents you from working a full time job in your request for spousal maintenance, have copies of the medical documentation available to prove this.

Focus on your Kids

During the divorce process, it is important that you are emotionally and physically available for your children. Simply spending time with them can help them to feel more comfortable with the divorce, even if all you do together is watch a movie or take a walk. Talk to your kids about the divorce in age-appropriate terms and do not shy away from discussing the future with them. If you know you will move from the family home, discuss this with them, so it does not come as a shock when you move out. Focus on the facts and how they will impact your child, rather than focusing on your desires or abstract concepts about the divorce.

Start Your Post-Divorce Life Before Your Divorce Is Finalized

Even before your divorce is finalized, start taking steps to make the transition to your post-divorce life easier. Open a new credit card solely in your name and start using it to build the next chapter in your credit history. If you are moving out of your current home, create a new mailing address for yourself, even if you have not yet found a new home. Having your own P.O. box can be a way to make sure the only mail you receive is your own and that your former partner cannot get to it.

Work With an Experienced DuPage County Divorce Attorney

A divorce can be difficult in many ways. Make yours less stressful by preparing for it ahead of time under the guidance of an experienced DuPage County divorce attorney. To get started with a member of our team, contact Pesce Law Group, P.C. today to set up your initial legal consultation with our firm.

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