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DuPage County divorce attorneysGetting a divorce is often an extremely complex and involved undertaking. It can feel overwhelming, especially when discussing assets and finance, where small details may need to be addressed quickly. Because so much is happening all at once, though, it is not at all uncommon for the average person to make a mistake or two in safeguarding their own property and financial interests. If you know about such potential mistakes, it can be much easier to avoid them.

Not Taking Taxes into Account

It is normal for a divorcing spouse to focus on the assets in front of them and the convenience that those assets can bring. For example, the marital home may be targeted by both spouses because whomever remains will not need to move, which can cause considerable expense and trouble. However, it is also normal for the spouse who may come away with such assets to wind up with a considerable tax bill the following year. A marital home is cheaper in terms of taxes if you retain it. Most of the time, if you are awarded your house or condo in the divorce, you are able to claim the mortgage interest deduction on your taxes. However, if you decide to sell the house after it has been awarded to you, you are responsible for the taxes on the amount received, which can pose a serious problem for someone who did not expect it.


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Naperville business law attorneyThe holidays are a special time of year for many people. They look forward to the workplace Christmas parties, family gatherings, special meals, and exchanging of presents. However, for some people this is not the “most wonderful time of the year” at all. Those who have recently separated from their spouse may be dreading the holiday season. If you are facing your first important holiday without your spouse, you may feel lonely or incomplete without them. You may worry about how to explain your spouse’s absence at family get-togethers. You may even feel like skipping the holidays completely. These are all understandable reactions to experience after a break-up. There is no perfect way to make it through your first holiday alone, but experts do have some advice to help.

Avoid Isolating

There is so much pressure to be joyous and merry during the holiday season that it can be overwhelming, especially for someone grieving the end of a relationship. If you have recently gone through a break-up, you may be tempted to stay in bed during the entire holiday season. While some alone time is healthy, complete isolation is not. Try to attend at least a few holiday events and gatherings this year. You may be surprised at how supportive your friends and family will be. Even just getting out of the house for a change of scenery can be enough to help lift your mood.


DuPage County family law attorneyFathers’ struggles against unfair co-parents are fairly well known, with many citing statistics about unequal treatment granted to men during parenting time allocation or discussion of spousal support. However, it is important to remember that the opposite narrative does exist. Some mothers have good reasons to fear or dislike the thought of their former partner having visitation rights. If you are suddenly served with a notice of a DNA test or paternity suit, it can be both confusing and frightening.

Voluntary Acknowledgments of Paternity

The public policy of the state of Illinois is to make it so that children have contact with both parents unless there is persuasive evidence to show otherwise. In the case of unmarried parents, this means that the father of the child in question must be determined. Generally, this is done not long after a child is born when both parents complete a Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity (VAP). If the alleged father does not sign the VAP, he has no legal rights to any parenting time or parental responsibilities for the child in question.